Hello world!

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helloooo! is it true?! we really, really made it? yes? YES! UAU, it feels good to have a blog, you know? Well, we said “you know” on the perspective on being someone out there reading this… well, at last recourse: mum, we know you’re there!

Well, let’s cut to the chase: what’s this blog about? travel, travel, travel! travel is our passion and our objective and this blog the perfect way to share it with the world (yes, with you mum!)


Oooiiiii! É verdade? Nós conseguimos mesmo? Sim? SIM! UAU, sabe tão bem ter um blog, sabem? Bem, dissemos “sabem” na perspectiva de estar alguém por aí a ler isto…bem, em último recurso: mãe, sabemos que estás aí!

Bem, vamos directos ao assunto: qual o tema deste blog? Viajar, viajar, viajar! Viajar é a nossa paixão e o nosso objectivo e este blog é o recurso perfeito para partilhá-lo com o mundo (sim, contigo mãe!)


12 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. I am listening also, and am very excited for you as you travel in the Delicious lands of Italy- Ma Belle. I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

  2. Nice blog.
    Waiting for your next sharing experience.

  3. Thanks for commenting! Soon you’ll get news from us!

  4. I will be following you whilst you so kindly share your experiences and photo’s with the rest of the world.

  5. Thanks for keep following us… Hope you’ll like to “travel” with us!

  6. Are you currently on the road? What’s next after Italy? Happy travels. 🙂

  7. We had a farinata at the same place and it was amazing. Thanks for sharing the pics they are great. One quick question from one blogger to another, I would like to try to post a “one off” photo only blog, how did you montage and title your photos?

  8. No, we are back in home! (snif, snif…) Now we are only traveling (or escaping) around our zone: Andalusia and Algarve… Is a short ride…but it feels so good!

  9. So nice to know that we were in the same place! About the photos, we arrange them first in a program like ‘photoshop’ or even ‘publisher’ to put them together with the title; the next step, is only uploading them to the post and…that’s it! If you need an extra hand, let us know…send us an email!

  10. Ahhhh….Italy….sign.

  11. LOL! Darn spellcheck, should’ve said, SIGH

  12. Hahahaha! I know the feeling…happens all the time!

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