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5 little villages lost in time and map; a bumpy ride that unites them over the years; a sea complicit along its history, a landscape that – literally! – takes your breath away… These are the Cinque Terre.


5 pequenas vilas perdidas no tempo e no mapa; um percurso acidentado que as une ao longo dos anos; um mar cúmplice na sua história; uma paisagem de tirar – literalmente! – o fôlego… Estas são as Cinque Terre.


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  1. I absolutely love your pictures!

  2. Thank you Lisa!

  3. I’m happy to have found your blog. I love Chiavari and have eaten twice at Luchin-I love that place!

  4. Thanks for reading our blog! Chiavari is a beautiful city… And, what can I tell about the restaurants?… Delicious (just like your blog: oh, those photos are tempting, girl!)

  5. Great photos. Makes me want to get back to Italy, again!

  6. Thank you, Thomas! Thanks for reading us!

  7. Your pictures are amazing. They capture everything in such detail, and yes, Ice cream does taste better

  8. Thank you for your visit!

  9. Great pics! Cinque Terre is amazing

  10. Thanks, Eric!

  11. Your lovely blog and photos made me miss the Cinque Terre all over again. Thanks for taking me back there with your blog. 🙂

  12. Sherry, you’re always welcome to “travel” with us!

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