(travel diary) DAY 3: our day in images

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46 Responses to “(travel diary) DAY 3: our day in images”

  1. Wow, your photography is fantastic!

  2. Thank you for the comment! Thank you!

  3. Oh, Italy is so beautiful! I was there last summer:-)

  4. Your descriptions are great! I feel like I am with you. Thanks!

  5. It’s really beautiful… We are so in love with Italy that we can’t avoid going there and again!

  6. Thank you so much for your comment; it is so motivating for us!

  7. The photos make me want to travel to Italy. Enjoy your onward journey.

    PS apologies if you get this comment twice, I am not sure if it went the first time.

  8. Wow, gorgeous photos! I hope you’ll pick up a snowdome here and there!

  9. Snow domes are frequently on our way! Sooner or later we’ll get them on a post!

  10. Gorgeous shots! Can’t wait to visit someday!!!!!

  11. Thanks for visit our blog! Definitely, is a ‘must see’!

  12. Hey, thanks for reading our gelato blog. Your photos are incredible. Happy travels, with or without moving.

  13. I like the way you have organised your beautiful photos! Amazing Italy!

  14. Thanks for reading us!

  15. Thanks for your comment!

  16. ahhh these are so so gorgeous! I love the italian/english translation too so I can practice my very very very beginner italian. Great blog!

  17. Thank you, Catherine, for reading our blog! Well, i supose that your italian level – just like ours! – is beginner… because our translation is… to Portuguese! But, it is true, there are many similarities between the two languages!

  18. I love your photos! What lens do you use and how did you arrange them like that?

  19. I love these photos! And the arrangement of thumbnails!

  20. Thanks for your comment! We use a bridge camera – Fuji HS10 – the lens covers a 35mm equivalent focal range of 24-720mm.

  21. Thanks for commenting! Keep coming!

  22. Those places don’t have a single bad angle for the camera. Beautiful photo layout! Ciao ciao.

  23. Your photos are beautiful as well! Thanks for checking out my blog :]

  24. Charlie, you are so right: there is no chance, at all, to take a bad photo of Cinque Terre! Thanks for visiting us!

  25. Thank you Alyse!

  26. amazing photos!!

  27. I cannot wait for more photographs from your blog (and yes, I have subscribed to your blog!).
    Hey, BTW, I have nominated you to receive Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my blog and if you are willing to participate, just follow the three simple rules mentioned there.

  28. Really enjoy your images (my fav is from #2, view through alley). Cinque Terre has been on my must see list for a long time…one of these days soon. Looks like you’re traveling through Italy, though your blog name makes me think that you’re locals…guess I’ll have to come back and figure out more 🙂 Happy traveling ! (PS–thanks for stopping by)

  29. Thanks Rob! Thanks for nominating us for the award, we’re so honoured! We’ll be posting more photos soon – stay tunned!

  30. Thank you, Christine!

  31. Thanks for reading us! You must visit Cinque Terre, it is really (really!) worth it – BTW we are not locals (we are portuguese)!

  32. I love photo diaries like this. 🙂

  33. Fotos maravilhosas, Parabéns!! Sonho antigo, o de percorrer todo o litoral italiano.
    P.s- obrigada por passar pelo meu cantinho. É um exercício para um curso, infelizmente não poderei dar seguimento ao mesmo. Mas se quiser passar pelo tumblr das minhas viagens/aventuras…

  34. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your post and photos. We are traveling in Europe as well and have been to some of the towns you have visited. Beautiful.

  35. Thank you!

  36. Obrigada pela visita! A riviera italiana é sempre uma boa opção para viajar!

  37. Thank you Karen! Keep sharing your traveling, we love your posts!

  38. What a great blog! Thank you.

  39. Thank you, Thomas! Thanks for visiting our blog!

  40. Lovely lovely photos. Portofino will definitely get added to my List of Places I Will Go To For Sure (you may have noticed I like listing things!). Off to read it in more details, I was sidetracked by the pictures!

  41. I love your photos… really professional and artistic!

  42. Thank you Adrienne!

  43. Thank you for visiting us, our photos aren’t professional… we still learning!

  44. Lovely pictures. Really enjoying your blog 🙂

  45. gorg! I plan on visiting Italy one day soon.

  46. You really should visit Italy… And, of course, share the photos!

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