(travel diary) DAY 5: our day in images

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27 Responses to “(travel diary) DAY 5: our day in images”

  1. Milan is one of my favourite places in Italy. 🙂
    Hope you had a great time there.
    Weather looks a bit miserable though. 😉

  2. Great photos. Thanks for “liking” my Abu Simbel piece on Global Mysteries.

  3. Great pictures! I was in Milan several years ago, and enjoyed visiting the city.

  4. Thanks for passing by, Anna!

  5. Great photos…I love your design/layout too! Looking forward to more pics! Janet

  6. Hello, Italy is really one of my favourite countries.
    You might like my blog about Provence, France:
    Please also read MY GREAT TRIP, ETHIOPIA:
    I’d love a comment. Regards

  7. Italy is such a beautiful country. One of my top favorites around the world. Keep up with the great photos!

  8. Thanks for dropping by, your pictures are amazing too! 😉

  9. Thank you Chrissy! Thank you Yvonne!

  10. Ora aqui está um sitío onde gostava de ir quando voltar a Itália =)

  11. Vale bem a pena!

  12. You show some pretty cool photos!

    Thanks for clicking the Like button on my Alberto Indio article.
    By the way, you should really have a real ´About´ page, I am kind of curious 🙂

  13. So nice! Looking at your pictures makes me want to go to Europe right now 🙂

  14. …start packing and come!

  15. great collage!! thank you for sharing. and thank you also for “liking” my post today – drop by for daily doses.

  16. Love these as well. Wasnt Milan a great place to visit. Had the pleasure of going there last summer.

  17. Great photos – on all your posts! Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for finding my blog, too!

  18. Thank you, Gretchen!

  19. Thanks for checking out my blog! Your photos are so evocative and unique. Well done!

  20. I’m off to Milan in a week or so- even more excited after seeing these pics. I’m mostly going for La Scala but glad to see the sightseeing looks amazing!

  21. Thanks, Simon! Enjoy your time in Milan!

  22. I’m enjoying reading your blog, especially about Turkey! I feel liking I am re-visiting and the details you have included are wonderful. Great job! I will continue to read on…

  23. Thank you, Lisa, for enjoying our blog!

  24. Thanks for the lovely photos. I’ve only been to Rome in Italy and always felt I haven’t completed my homework! The day will come, no? @-)

  25. Thanks for your words! Rome is gorgeous…but Italy is so full of “treasures”! You have to go back for sure! 😉

  26. I liked your writing on Istanbul. Your pictures are beautiful. Like “living postcards”. Thanks for “liking” my Portugal blog. We leave Canada to go there next week.

  27. Have a nice journey! We wait to hear news from you on your blog!

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