Airports… people coming, people going… the sweetest goodbye, the warmest welcome… tears of joy, tears of sadness… excitement and disappointment, people from all over the world… All in one place: the airport!

Every airport shares a spectrum of human emotions, that is a fact, but, between welcomes and goodbyes, symbolizes progress and freedom, offering the ‘mirage’ of the desired get away, a place where dreams and reality come together and, where, nowadays, architects get the chance to design on a grand scale. That’s the specific case of the rewarded Madrid’s Airport: a large scale master piece and a “door” for our last escape – Istanbul!

This project, for Terminal 4, by Richard Rogers is an example of modernism and functionalism in the same space, winning the Stirling Prize in 2006 and also, in 2007, the Pritzker Architecture Prize for the compilation of all his work (which includes the renowned Centre Pompidou, in Paris, or the Millennium Dome, in London).


Aeroportos… pessoas que vêm, pessoas vão… um doce adeus, uma efusiva recepção… lágrimas de alegria, lágrimas de tristeza… excitação e decepção, pessoas de todo o mundo… Tudo num só lugar: o aeroporto!

Cada aeroporto partilha um espectro de emoções humanas, isto é um facto, mas, entre chegadas e partidas, é também um espaço que simboliza progresso e liberdade, que nos oferece a “miragem” de uma fuga desejada, um lugar onde o sonho e a realidade unem-se e, onde, hoje em dia, os arquitectos têm a oportunidade de projectar em grande escala. Esse é o caso específico do Aeroporto de Madrid: uma obra-prima em grande escala e a  “porta” para a nossa última fuga: Istambul!

Este projecto, para o Terminal 4, realizado por Richard Rogers é um exemplo de funcionalidade associada ao modernismo, tendo sido reconhecido com o Prémio Stirling, em 2006 e, também, em 2007, o Prémio Pritzker pela compilação de toda a sua obra (que inclui os reconhecidos Centre Pompidou, em Paris, ou o Millennium Dome, em Londres).


(beetwen travel!) Airports…

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34 Responses to “(beetwen travel!) Airports…”

  1. I love airports!

  2. airports are such a bittersweet place…

  3. I am also a lover of airports because when I am in one, I am either about to depart on an adventure far, far away or am returning from an amazing journey. Great piece on places where are dreams become reality. Toni

  4. Lots of motion and modernism!

  5. Wow! This is really cool!

  6. Breathless keeping pace this morning but this looks fun. Thanks for visiting.

  7. great poste .
    love the photos

    Please tell me your best memories and what a good memorie is to you,
    on my blog:

  8. Great pics of Barajas!

  9. Thanks for visiting our blog, Johanna!

  10. Thanks, Anne!

  11. Thanks for your words, Rebecca!

  12. Thank you for commenting on my blog post …The msm made a huge deal out of his singing but failed to mention the great speech he made … I hope others watch it as well.
    again, Thank you
    and your photos “airports” are amazing

  13. Thanks!

  14. Well put – as a fellow traveler I have encountered many an airport. I’ll take a bit of time to stop and check out the architecture of the airport when I fly this weekend 🙂

  15. Thanks for passing by, Kate! We’ll be waiting for next posts on your blog!

  16. YOUR photos are amazing. I love the images of people and street market in Istanbul.
    Thanks of visiting my blog.

  17. I love airports, they make me feel like I am Charles Baudelaire at the docks taking the “voyage”

  18. Yes, that’s a good point of view! Airports are, simply, the beginning of something good!

  19. This is such a cool post! I’m so glad you found my blog because it brought me to yours! Can’t wait to read about more travel adventures. 🙂

  20. Thanks, Laura!

  21. So true about airports like you so eloquently said! I feel such a range of emotion flood over me both good, bad and in between whenever I am in one. Thank you for liking my post!

  22. Thank you, Stephanie, for your comment!

  23. While it is my partner who travels… the tale of Japan’s floating airport is most intriguing – I believe the island was built just for the airport. And every so often as the island sinks, the build in hydraulics lift the building a foot or so at a time.
    I was also a bit taken aback by the Italian airport where soldiers stood with loaded machine guns – very visible presence! Unlike most American airports where security could be seen as lacking.

  24. Jules, so interesting! I have to see those airports now!

  25. I totally agree with your definiton of airports!!! There can be thousands of millions of feelings in such a little space 🙂 It´s fascinating 🙂 Have your travelling finished already?
    Lots of love!!!

  26. Thanks for commenting, Patricia! Yes, we’re already back home… But there’s a lot more of our traveling coming soon!…

  27. Airports are so relaxing to me..

  28. ThankS for stopping by !

  29. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of (beetwen travel!) Airports… …our traveling without moving!… . Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly return.

  30. So good you’ve enjoyed our blog!

  31. Finalmente achei um brasileiro aqui no wordpress! Você mora onde? Nasceu onde? Um prazer te encontrar, gosta de viajar como eu, é? Bjs.

  32. Oi! Tão bom poder falar português por aqui! Nós somos portugueses, do Algarve e, claro, amamos viajar!

  33. Thanks for liking my website! i wrote about airports as doorways to the country, and the different impressions made by airports as I bounced around the Pacific Rim last year. Here’s the link, if you are interested:

  34. thank you, Ally! What a great post from you!

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