…you know that awkward moment, when a song is, simply, stuck in your head?…

…well, this resumes perfectly the last days… where, in every move, we feel like humming “ta ta tarara, ta ta tarara”… and only because we dreamed so much about this day… so much about this trip… that, finally, we see ourselves in the airport, just one step away of the plane… one step away of America… one step away of a dream: New York… here we go, so, as Sinatra would say, start spreading the news: we’re leaving today… I want to be a part of it: NEW YORK, NEW YORK!…

…see you in the other side of the Atlantic!


…conhecem a estranha sensação quando uma música, simplesmente, não nos sai da cabeça?…

…bem, isto resume perfeitamente os últimos dias… onde, a cada movimento, trauteamos “ta ta tarara, ta ta tarara”… e tudo porque sonhámos tanto com este dia… sonhámos tanto com esta viagem… que, finalmente, vemo-nos no aeroporto, a um passo do avião… a um passo da América… a um passo de um sonho: Nova Iorque… aqui vamos nós, assim que, como diria Sinatra, start spreading the news: we’re leaving today… I want to be a part of it: NEW YORK, NEW YORK!…

…vemo-nos do outro lado do Atlântico!


(beetwen travel!) …start spreading the new!

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19 Responses to “(beetwen travel!) …start spreading the new!”

  1. Have a wonderful trip!!

  2. thank you!!!

  3. Have a wonderful time in the Big Apple.

  4. thanks!

  5. Enjoy your trip to my home town – and don’t forget your camera!

  6. Welcome to New York, this amazing cty was our home for four years and we REALLY enjoyed it. Right now we are in Dunedin New Zealand, about as far from the city as we can get. Much love and happy travels to our fellow nomads

  7. a great collection which feels and says America

  8. thank you, Scott

  9. Last summer I met a traveler in Cambodia and asked him about which city is his favorite, he replied “New York!”. Oh I really wanto to go there. I’m sure you’ll have a great time in the Big Apple!

  10. I hope you enjoyed the big Apple 🙂 Awesome pictures. What camera did you use? Thank you.

  11. Ciao, really nice pics. Lynne

  12. if you want to push anything just say – Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Digg it etc 🙂

  13. Thanks to all of you for your lovely words! You’ll “hear” from us soon!

  14. Enoy the ride!

  15. There is nothing like it – I have been there three months ago, and I still dream of it. Have a good time!

  16. Welcome to New York 🙂

  17. Obrigada, Carlos! É, sem dúvida, uma cidade especial…

  18. Thanks Azi!!

  19. Divirta-se por la!

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