(travel diary) DAY 1: a night at the museum…

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Our “american experience” started even before entering the plane: when a bunch of police officers, literally, invaded the boarding gate, asking everyone to leave for, what they called, “security reasons”… Is this a normal procedure? Are we safe? Are we still in Lisbon?! Well… yes, yes and yes! Despite all the display it was simply to check our bags… again! So, let’s get to that plane, New York is waiting for us!

After 8 hours of flight – that seemed like a Saturday evening in our couch watching movies under the blanket – we get to Newark: line for checking, line for stamping, digital prints taken, baggage picking, transhipment to airtrain then train and… (ufff!) finally, we get our feet in New York soil!

Leaving Penn Station we are confronted with the frenzy that only NYC has: streets full of people crossing from side to side, taxi cabs (yellow cabs!) everywhere, bright neon signs… the excitement is such that we barely stop to think and see (really) where we are in… and look up and up (and a little more up!) and see ourselves surrounded by skyscrapers and… at the end of the street, the flaring Empire State Building! Yes, now, we believe we’re here!

Imbued by the energy of this city, we get to the hotel and, as soon as our bags touched the bedroom floor, we leave immediately with a cup of coffee in our hand – our “jet lag killer” during our stay – and headed to MoMA: today’s afternoon was free entry!

Although we kind of “hate” making non sense rankings, can’t take it anymore, we have to confess… we absolutely loved MoMA! We’re sorry Centre Pompidou…  Sorry Museo Reina Sofia… So sorry Tate Modern… but, for modern art, this is THE place: facing Pop Art icons like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, staring at the aesthetical Alexander Calder’s mobile sculptures, our treasured Salvador DaliPicasso, Pollock, Rothko, Kandinsky, Frida Kahlo, Matisse and the truly unforgettable colour depth of Van Gogh’ Starry Night…  I wish I could come here EVERYDAY (sigh)…

…while we were hanging around the bohemian artists inside the MoMA, the night fell in the city covering everything with a sequined gloss that we follow leading our way through the streets, but… How could we go without steping on the 5th Avenue? How could we go without passing the Rockfeller Center? …the Radio City Music Hall? …the Broadway? …the heart of New York, the center of the world, the Times Square?

Here, we believe, that the city never sleeps (although we are a bit sleepy …could it be ‘jet lag’? …or could it be due to the fact that we are awake for 24 hours now?!), watching the world passing by around us and enjoying the flavour of that moment…
…maybe it’s time to return to the hotel… maybe not!… Is difficult to admit that you’re tired when you’re living a dream… but tomorrow it’s a brand new day and we’re going to seize it! So… C’mon, let’s take a rest!

P.S.: 4 A.M. in New York… eyes wide open… Jet lag has entered the building!…Oohh…


A nossa “experiência americana” começa ainda antes de entrar no avião: quando um grupo de polícias, literalmente, invadem a porta de embarque, pedindo a todos para sair por, o que chamaram de, “razões de segurança”… É este um procedimento normal? Estamos seguros? Ainda estamos em Lisboa? Bem… sim, sim e sim! Apesar de todo o alvoroço, a actuação era, simplesmente, para verificar as malas… de novo! Assim sendo, entremos nesse avião que Nova Iorque está à nossa espera!

Após 8 horas de voo – que parecia uma tarde de sábado no nosso sofá assistindo filmes debaixo do cobertor – chegamos a Newark: fila para verificação, fila para carimbo de passaporte, impressões digitais controladas, recolha de bagagem, transbordo para o Airtrain e para o comboio depois… (Ufff!) finalmente, temos os nossos pés no solo de Nova Iorque!

Saindo de Penn Station, somos confrontados com o frenesi que só NYC tem: ruas cheias de pessoas atravessando de um lado para outro, táxis (táxis amarelos!) em toda parte, brilhantes sinais de néon… a excitação é tal que mal paramos para pensar e ver (realmente) onde estamos… e olhar para cima, para cima e um pouco mais acima (!) e ver-nos cercados por arranha-céus e, no final da rua, o único Empire State Building! Sim, agora, acreditamos que estamos aqui!

Imbuídos pela energia da cidade, chegamos ao hotel e, mal a nossa bagagem toca o chão do quarto, partimos novamente de café na mão – a nossa arma contra o “jet lag” durante a estadia – e dirigimo-nos ao MoMA: hoje a tarde é entrada livre!

Embora deteste fazer rankings sem sentido, não aguento mais, temos que confessar… simplesmente amámos o MoMA! Desculpe excelentíssimo Centre Pompidou… Sinto muito Museo Reina Sofia… Desculpa Tate Modern… mas, para arte moderna, este é ‘O’ lugar: estar perante ícones da pop art, como Andy Warhol e Roy Lichtenstein, olhando para os estéticos mobiles de Alexander Calder, o nosso precioso Salvador Dali… Picasso, Pollock, Rothko, Kandinsky, Frida Kahlo, Matisse e o verdadeiramente inesquecível colorido de “Noite Estrelada” de Vincent Van Gogh… Como gostava de poder vir aqui TODOS os dias (suspiro)…

…enquanto estávamos com os artistas boémios do MoMA, a noite caiu na cidade cobrindo o nosso caminho com um brilho de lantejoulas que não duvidámos em seguir… assim, chegamos ao coração de NY, ao umbigo do mundo: a Times Square! Aqui, acreditamos, que a cidade nunca dorme (apesar de já nos sentirmos um pouco sonolentos …será ‘jet lag’? …será devido ao facto de estarmos acordados há 24 horas?) e ficamos imóveis, vendo o mundo girar à nossa volta e saborear o momento.

Talvez seja hora de voltar para o hotel… talvez não!…  É difícil admitir que estamos cansados quando estamos dentro de um sonho… mas amanhã é um novo dia e queremos aproveitá-lo! Então, vá, vamos lá descansar!

P.S.: 04:00 em Nova York… olhos abertos… o ‘jet lag’ oficialmente chegou! Oohh!…


60 Responses to “(travel diary) DAY 1: a night at the museum…”

  1. Great post, loved the photos – never been far enough to experience jet lag before! Sounds awful – must try it sometime!



  2. All excellent photos! Like the theme idea. Stopped in to say thanks for the ‘like’ on my ‘fence post’ titled Drive-by: Fabulous Fencing. I’ll be baaaacccckkkk!

  3. MoMA … ohhh, definitely want to go there some day! Lucky you 😉

  4. Thank you, John! Jet Lag is, actually, a good feeling: means that we are far away!…

  5. Thanks for stoping, Sheila! We’re waiting for your visits!

  6. You really should go, Annie! …it’s dreamy!

  7. I totally understand that! I have been to the Hayward Gallery in London and The Baltic in Newcastle, both very much involved in Modern Art. I really envy your visit to see the pieces you have seen in new York!



  8. I’m writing Hayward Gallery on our ‘to do’ list! We want so much to visit London again…

    Thanks (again) John, for such good suggestions!

  9. I’m missing NYC and a tad bit jealous of your adventures. Enjoy yourselves. j

  10. …we’re missing this city already!…

  11. Beautiful photos! NYC definitely seems like the city that never sleeps just from seeing your photos and reading your comments. I’m hoping to go there next year so looking forward to experiencing the energy of the city!

  12. MoMA is the best. Hope you get to see the top of the Rock at some point.

  13. So true, Christine! We barely sleep!

  14. MoMA is unbelievable! We’re going to the Empire State, but, if we have time we’ll surely go to the Top of the Rock!

  15. First of all thanks for the LIKE on my Una Noche post. Then, a BIG WELCOME to my City! Reading about your joy in your visit at MOMA made me happy for you and embarrassed for me because it’s been way too long since we went there. However, I did go to the MET on Friday. If you’re still here, you MUST go!!! It is truly a treasure trove. Pay what you want, don’t need to pay the “suggested” amount, really!
    Anyway, not sure where you flew in from, but you have brought some nice weather, thanks.

  16. Well, we LOVE your city! I don’t know how we’re going home leaving all of this behind… We’ll try to visit the MET, but there are so many things to see and…so little time… Pbenjay, as a New Yorker, tell us a favourite place, something that is not on tourist books!

    Thank you so much and keep passing on our blog!

  17. OMG there are SO MANY places and I wouldn’t be surprised that almost everything IS in a tourist book.
    This is a walking town and is best seen that way.
    Walking up Madison Ave window shopping is cool. If you want to see where people live and not where the tourists go, go north on either the west or east side. On East End Ave around East 88th St is the Mayor’s mansion known as Gracie Mansion and it is nestled in a park that overlooks the East River. Of course our millionaire mayor doesn’t live there he has his own townhouse. I’m bringing up the MET again because it so much bigger than MOMA and holds treasures you can’t believe.Having dinner at The Terrace at this time of year would be amazing. The views are spectacular. Central Park has so many areas of interest not to mention some groovy people watching. I like to go to the ethnic neighborhoods. Walk along Lexington Ave in the low East 20’s – known as Curry Hill because of all the Indian markets and shops. 6th St off of First Avenue has a slew of wildly lit Indian restaurants. Or you can go to the West 30;s around Macy’s and see Herald Square as well as Koreatown.The original St. Patrick’s is downtown in Little Italy. Shopping on Canal St is a “trip”.There’s a crazy little tea shop in Greenwich Village called Tea and Sympathy. I think St. John the Divine cathedral uptown on the West side near Columbia University is a site to behold and the surrounding neighborhood is different from Midtown. Forget Soho, go to Noho or Nolita. Not sure how much longer you will be here, Will write some more late tonight – gotta go now.

  18. You guys have liked a few of my posts in the past–and now I see you’re in NY! I’m not from the city, from the suburbs (but close enough). MoMa is always a treat–they had a cool Tim Burton exhibit a few years back I went to go see.

    But you MUST visit the Met–I understand there are a million things to see and do in NYC and it’s all very overwhelming. Like pbenjay said (and he/she is actually from NYC!) the Met is worth it. Also you have a wonderful view from the top of the roof of Central Park and surrounding buildings–I discovered that for the first time when I visited last summer (and no you don’t have to pay extra… in fact, the Met doesn’t have a set entrance fee. You can pay just five dollars and go in. They have a “suggested donation” of 10 dollars, but you could get it for just a dollar haha).

  19. i’ll also be waiting for pbenjay’s tip as my new yorker hubby can’t think of a part of new york that hasn’t been in tourist books.

    perhaps another take on the same things will make the experience more exciting – hunt for bargains instead of going directly to the theatre office get your broadway and ballet tickets at the TKTS for half the price; visit the Bloomberg office which is owned by the New York City mayor; do a little academic tour, see the Columbia University and the New York University; shop at outlets, not even Hong Kong aka the shopping capital of the world can match the US shopping experience; Grimaldi pizza, Brooklyn beer and baseball game at the Yankee Stadium.

    lastly, enjoy that unique new york stink, i meant smell, that sweet funky burning smell in the streets. let me know if you figured it out. have fun!

  20. Like the photos, is the square format a function of instagram?

  21. Thanks for taking your time to read my post. I appreciate it.

    Will you be coming back to the MoMa, again?

    I may be there next time. Somewhere on the wall. You’ll see me just flying around.

    The MoMa is (as always) incredible. Although I’m a big fan of Kosuth, I loved the Tim Burton stuff when it was being displayed a while back.

  22. I loved seeing New York City through your eyes. When you have visited a city you tend to forget the things that make it special.

  23. Wow! Pbenjay, you’re far better than any tourist book! Thanks, again, for all the great tips… If we get short in time (wich is going to happen…) that’s the perfect apology to return soon to the streets of NYC!

  24. Well, we shouldn’t have bought a guide…we must had asked you for tips! Thank you so much for every word, every detail shared with us, thank you, Amelie!

  25. Hey, msmemorygap, you’re so right! This pararell view on the NY “clichés” worth the experience: we went to TKTS and, just standing in the line was, by itself, such a great time! Can you believe it?! And, sure, OUTLETS! We couldn’t miss it!!

  26. Hi, friwan! No, the square format is kind of “our” arragement!

  27. Well, frank the fly, maybe we’ll meet in MoMA some next time… Or in any other wall in this world! Thanks for flying in our blog!

  28. Thank you, backroadjournal! Soon we’ll share more photos of NY (this city is stealing our hearts)!…

  29. I really hope you enjoy your trip.

  30. What do New Yorkers do? Tonight we went to the Irish Arts Center and saw Julie Feeney, a contemporary Irish songstress. Tickets $20 per. I’m sure by now you’ve been to LIncoln Center and all you need to do there is walk around and take in the beauty. If you were to walk south on The Bowery, you would see a whole other New York, The streets of the Lower East Side especially on a Sunday are worth exploring and the Tenement Museum is a recreation of life as an immigrant in NYC. If you end up way downtown (WTC maybe?) walk around Bowling Green and look at the iron fence and notice that all of the tops have been knocked off. The fence was put up pre-revolutionary days and when we won, the colonists knocked the tops off because they were crowns. In the middle of the park was a statue of King George and they knocked that down. Walking around East 8th and 9th Street off 2nd or Third Ave you’ll find some Ukranian shops and antiques shops. You could also go to the Historical Society of NY on Central Park West or the Museum of the City of NY on Fifth Ave around 106th St. So much to do, so little time. If you want to virtually visit NYC again, check back in my blog, I have two categories about New York and a professional photographer friend whose NYC photos I post almost every Friday under FAB FOTOS. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Hey if you find yourself on East 50th and Lexington (or 51st) you will see a fabulous building that once was the GE building. The building is adorned with great electric symbols and walk into the lobby, This one of NY’s best Art Deco buildings.

  31. Wonderful post. I agree the MOMA is one-of-a-kind and cannot be compared to any other museum in the world…Enjoy your visit!

  32. Thanks for the like on my post! And as (another) native New Yorker leaving a comment here, thanks for being a fan of our city! I think those of us who actually were born and grew up here sometimes grow weary of people being “scared” of New York’s hubub. Glad you’re having a grand ol’ time! It’s a huge city with many miles to traverse, and I don’t know how much time you have left, but I’d recommend taking the subway to either Fort Greene in Brooklyn (a neighborhood that you can get to from Manhattan by taking the C train to Lafayette Avenue and walking around. Manhattan is just one fraction of the city, after all. Also, given that you loved MoMA, you might want to go to Queens and visit P.S.1, which is an art space with sculptures that is run by MoMA, in Long Island City.
    Have fun!

  33. oooo, what a Delicious Blog! thanks for liking something on our site – and welcome to NYC!

    waving from inside a skyscraper in midtown.

    _tg xx

  34. Love how your captured NYC. Great Pictures! and Thank your for the like. May your all ways have great travels. by the way what kind of camera do you use?

  35. Thanks for popping by and reading my blog – yours is great ! I hope you will follow my blog as next week I leave for a trip to Dubai, London and possibly Ireland so will have plenty more exciting posts coming your way 🙂

  36. Thanks for the like on my “Fill in the Blank” post! To my delight, this was the first entry I checked out on your blog, and after just visiting NYC for the first time last weekend, I am completely enamored with the city. Loved your photos, and the descriptive walk through of the MoMA (heart broken that I wasn’t able to go, but planning my return trip ASAP.) Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  37. Thanks for liking my post. I have been to the MoMa in NYC. Great museum and lots to see.I like your photos. I will be back to read more later as I have appts now. 🙂

  38. Well, our time in the NY has finished… But, pbenjay, we’ll go back as soon as possible and, part of the blame is yours for presenting so passionately your city! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  39. Michele, thanks for commenting! Now our time is up but, in our next visit (crossing fingers to be really soon), we’ll use your tips to explore outside Manhatan! Thank you sooooo much!

  40. We’ll keep an eye on you, Shantarella! Happy traveling!…

  41. NY is absolutely amazing, right? We are madly in LOVE for this city! Hope to turn back soon (really soon!)

  42. Manhattan is a drug that you cannot get enough of. Thanks for liking my post about the city!

  43. Enjoy New York!!! Don’t forget to check out the great markets on the weekend!

  44. I love hearing about people’s visits here to NYC and very happy your experiences was a good one!

  45. Really cool! I really miss NY myself.

  46. Alundeberg, i think that, till now, is the best definition of Manhattan that i’ve ever heard!…

  47. have a great trip…. thankyou for stopping by..going through your posts now 🙂

  48. Great post and the photos are fantastic. I love the layout of them. Did you take them with your iphone? They have that kind of feel about them. Enjoy more of NYC! And thanks for the like on my blog:-)

  49. Great pictures!

  50. Thank you, E!

  51. I love MOMAs. So vibrant – artwise and often architecturally.

  52. New York is indeed a very special city! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  53. …so true! Thanks 24/7 in France!

  54. What a great idea to chronicle your travels with such fantastic photos and interesting commentary. The latest photos make me want to book a flight to NYC right now. Thank you for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the post about being lost in Sevilla!

  55. Thanks, Steph, for your nice words. We’ve really enjoyed your post: we, often, get lost in Sevilla… and that is always the beggining of a new discovery!

  56. NY is a dream! You can visit multiple times and still find something new and amazing!

  57. …so true, limebats, so true!…

  58. Awesome article.

  59. Thanks, Nick!

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    and I am stunned why this accident did not took place in advance!
    I bookmarked it.

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