(travel diary) DAY 2: …you can always go DOWNTOWN

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After a good night of sleep – cof, cof! Yes, right– we can barely wait to get on the street! So, let’s go: grab a map, study the best route and get ready to our NY subway baptism – today, our target, is Downtown.

 On our way there it was impossible to avoid feeling like starring a musical: we couldn’t stop remembering (and, actually, sing) songs about Downtown; we did our best interpretating our particular version of Petula Clark’s When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go: downtown

…did you notice the amount of songs mentioning Downtown?! Well, we do! We were like a walking Karaoke!…

 After our cover of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl”, we get to the place: the ground zero, the heart of financial district and, in some way, New York’s heart, the 9/11 Memorial… we’ll never forget the day that the world – as we used to know – changed… As we got there for the first visit, the sun was still shy trying to appear among the skyscrapers and, standing there, surrounded by life and see how this place raises again paying tribute to the anonymous heroes – the emotion takes us in a silent reflection about our vulnerability and how, from the worst nightmare, the human being can stay united and be so resilient – wordless…

Despite the buzz that the entire city transmits, in the adjacent area to the former World Trade Center still feels a sense of respect and homage… remembering what once happen.

Surrounded by enormous skyscrapers, discreetly, Trinity Church, a gothic jewel, appears and, in that moment, we are transported back to our old continent, engaged to its melodious bells and the surrounding calm transmitted by its graveyard… entering in Wall Street the architecture change: the Gilded Age influence of the tallest buildings in small streets, makes (almost!) impossible to admire the sunlight but offering spectacular views from the ground… like inside a “concrete jungle”!

With such a good weather, what about a little cruise?… Joining New Yorkers and tourists with its cameras, we used the crowded (crowded? far beyond crowded!) Staten Island Ferry to admire Lower Manhattan skyline and “lady Liberty” …the views? What can we say?! Perfect (perfect? far beyond perfect)!


Após uma boa noite de sono – cof, cof! Sim, pois… – mal podemos esperar para sairmos à descoberta! Então, vamos:  vemos um mapa, estudamos a melhor rota e preparamo-nos para o nosso “baptismo” de metro em NY – hoje, nosso destino, é Downtown.
No caminho até lá era impossível evitar o sentimento de estar a protagonizar um musical: não conseguíamos tirar das nossas mentes (e de, realmente, cantar) músicas sobre Downtown; posso garantir que demos o nosso melhor interpretando a nossa versão particular de “When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, you can always go: downtown” de Petula Clark.

…já repararam na imensa quantidade de músicas sobre Downtown?!… éramos como um Karaoke andante pelas ruas de NY! …
Após a nossa versão final de “Uptown Girl” de Billy Joel, chegamos ao lugar: o ponto zero, o coração do distrito financeiro e, de alguma forma, o coração de Nova York, o 9/11 Memorial  (nunca iremos esquecer o dia que o mundo – tal como o conhecíamos – mudou)…
Como chegamos lá a postos para a primeira visita, o sol, ainda tímido, tentava aparecer entre os arranha-céus e, estar lá, rodeados de vida, observando como este lugar levanta novamente num tributo aos seus heróis anónimos, somos levados pela emoção, numa reflexão silenciosa sobre a nossa vulnerabilidade e como, perante o pior pesadelo, o ser humano consegue resistir e unir-se – sem palavras…
Apesar da energia que toda a cidade transmite, na área adjacente ao antigo World Trade Center ainda é sentido um respeito e constante homenagem lembrando o que uma vez aconteceu.
Cercada por enormes arranha-céus, discretamente surge, Trinity Church, uma jóia gótica, transportando-nos de volta para o nosso velho continente, envolvidos no dobrar de seus sinos melodiosos e da calma circundante transmitidos pelo seu cemitério……entrando em Wall Street, a mudança de arquitectura é evidente: a influência da Era Dourada nos edifícios mais altos aconchegados em ruas estreitas, torna (quase!) impossível admirar a luz solar, mas oferecendo vistas espectaculares desde o chão como dentro de uma “selva de betão”!

Com este bom tempo, que tal fazermos um cruzeiro?… entre nova-iorquinos e turistas com suas câmaras, entramos no lotado (lotado? mais que lotado!) Staten Island Ferry para contemplar a silhueta de Lower Manhattan e a “lady Liberty”… O que podemos dizer?! Que fim de dia perfeito (perfeito? muito mais que perfeito)!


27 Responses to “(travel diary) DAY 2: …you can always go DOWNTOWN”

  1. Excellent post, great images and well written. Would love to visit there some day.

  2. Wow…awesome photos…

  3. I enjoyed your commentary about this area… you touch upon several highlights. Your readers, if they visit, will have a great time walking the narrow streets and enjoying an outside lunch

  4. Great reading here!! I love the layout (theme) too! I’ve never seen De Po Square!!

  5. Thank you, Lawrence!

  6. Thanks for passing by, Bradley!

  7. Enjoyed your post – fantastic photos. I love New York.

  8. Spettacolare! Geat pics and the storyline as well, now I can see I’m travelling without moving… me only! 😉

  9. Looks like we share a way of seeing the world – its about how you feel about places, and then the photos. Look forward to reading more. Thanks for visiting “I do not despair”

  10. Fun photos– I love NY!


    Thank you for always bringing me inspiration through your creativity, inspiring stories, sense of humour, and beautiful photos. Your blogs truly brighten up my day and inspire my own creativity. Thank you! For this, I’ve nominated you for this Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you would like to accept this award, you can follow the instruction on my post “Thank You“


  11. Thanks so much for visiting, I look forward to more of your beautiful photos.

  12. Grazie, felicediesseredonna! Hope you join us in our traveling!

  13. Thanks, Kevin, we really appreciate your lovely words!

  14. with pleasure, of course! Have a great sunday!

  15. I like the (special) style of you photographs. They remind me to the polaroids of my childhood. Great!

  16. How did you make the layout look like that? Looks great and proportioned. I tried and I can’t… 😦

  17. Well, Sarah, how could we not accept the nomination? Comments like yours are so motivating that make blogging one of our passions… THANK YOU, Sarah, the travelling artista!

  18. Sarah, how could we not accept the award?! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Comments like yours are the perfect gift and the motivation to keep sharing our love for traveling! Thank you, Sarah!

  19. love the pics!

  20. Aaah, New York! The famous concrete jungle, as always 🙂 And your photos, always something unique and gorgeous as well. So, different kind of landscape now, right?

  21. Oh, Robin, New York is…how can I say it without sounding too pretentious…is THE city! So good to see it everyday on the movies and on TV and then see it for real and FEEL it…

  22. Very interesting to read about your NY trip as I was there last September. I visited the 9/11 Memorial too and at first found it hard to identify with what happened there. I then saw a relative take a crayon impression off a loved ones engraved name and it hit. I loved the city, full of atmosphere and wonder. It’s strange now to spot somewhere I went in a movie. I Am Legend was full of those moments.

  23. I agree with you, riverman, it is not easy to identify the feeling that the 9/11 memorial invokes… In one hand you see the construction, the “reborn” of a symbol, the hope… And, in the other hand, you recall all those images kept since that day and it doesn’t seem the same place…

  24. Indeed, I watched some DVDs of 9/11 when I came back and it was weird to think….. I stood at that place near the tower

  25. …i know the feeling…

  26. Beautiful pictures of NYC….you even made the subway look like an appealing place to visit.
    Thanks for sharing. You Matter! Smiles, Nancy

  27. Thank you soooo much, Nancy!

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