(travel diary) DAY 4: the Empire State of…

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Walking down the 5th Avenue turned out to be our daily exercise: it doesn’t matter where we start but, one thing we keep for sure, it ends in the 5th Avenue!

This day couldn’t be different – the Empire State Building was waiting for our visit… and we were DREAMING about it…

…opposite to what we thought, as we get closer to this mythical skyscraper, we lose the sense of its shape and magnificence but, nothing like getting inside, to understand where we’re going to be; as the sliding door opens, our attention is stolen by the oppulence of the art deco reception lobby and its multiplied details: marble walls, golden accessories and… a crowded house (or do you thought that no one else would like to see this)!

Once inside (and already waiting in the line) the story beneath the – once again – tallest building in New York starts to be told.

Passing the security control, an “improvised” photo booth and a countless number of souvenir stalls – oh, yes! – we (finally) get to the elevator and, just like King Kong (OMG!), we start our “climbing” to the top: first, the counter registers every level, one by one, then, it starts to show every 10 levels and… then… we just loose count and start feeling our ears accusing the changing pressure… a loud “ding!” tells us that we’ve arrived to the 86th floor!

Speechless, we, literally, run to admire the views, identifying the city that evolves and embraces us in a constant movement… and, let me tell you, everything seems so different… when you’re sitting in the top of the world!


Percorrer a 5th Avenue tornou-se no nosso exercício diário: não importa onde começamos, mas, uma coisa sabemos com certeza, terminamos sempre na 5th Avenue!

Neste dia não poderia ser diferente, o Empire State Building esperava pela nossa visita… e nós já sonhávamos com ele há muito tempo… 

…e, ao contrário do que pensámos, com o  aproximar deste mítico arranha-céus, perdemos o sentido da sua forma e magnitude, mas, nada como entrar, para compreender onde nós estamos.
À medida que as portas abrem, revelam gradualmente o lobby, sendo a nossa atenção roubada pela opulência da recepção art deco e os seus múltiplos detalhes: paredes esculpidas em mármore, acessórios em ouro e… uma sala completamente lotada (ou achavam que seriamos os únicos em querer ver isto?!)! 

Uma vez dentro (e já esperando na fila) a história sob o edifício (novamente) mais alto de Nova York começa a ser contada.

Passando o controle de segurança, uma “improvisada” sessão fotográfica e um número incontável de stands de souvenirs – ah, pois! – nós (finalmente) chegámos ao elevador e, como o King Kong (!!!) começamos a nossa “escalada” para o topo: em primeiro lugar, o mostrador regista todos os níveis, um a um, depois, começa a mostrar a cada 10 andares e… então… simplesmente, perdemos a conta da altura a que estamos e começamos apenas a sentir os ouvidos acusar a notória mudança de pressão… nesse momento, um sonoro “ding!” avisa-nos que já chegamos ao andar 86!

Sem palavras, nós, literalmente, corremos para admirar as vistas, identificando a cidade que nos rodeia e abraça num movimento constante… e, deixem-nos dizer, tudo parece tão diferente… quando estamos sentados no topo do mundo!

12 Responses to “(travel diary) DAY 4: the Empire State of…”

  1. I love these images of this classic American icon

  2. I got dizzy just reading! But what a view!

  3. Lovely photos and inspiring story! Thanks for sharing…..

  4. We have a NYC trip planned for the fall so your blog has gotten me very excited! Thanks! Your enthusiasm definitely shines through.

  5. Thanks for your comment, Susan! We can’t wait to hear more about that trip to NYC! We’ll keep an eye in your blog!

  6. We’re planning to go there too, but my kids always say no. The building is not that interesting for them, I guess. Did you happen to pass the Korean part of Manhattan just next door to the building? It also has its own unique & quirkiness that is attractive.

  7. Di, you really should visit the Empire…the views are unforgetable! Yes, we went to Chinatown and Koreatown…is so fun and different!… And tasty!

  8. You’re so lucky that you already been there! :))) ENVY MUCH. :((

  9. Thanks for visiting our blog, Lucia! We feel lucky too (sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’ve been there!)

  10. Owe! Welcome it’s my pleasure! 🙂

  11. Incredible photos, Empire State building is on my to-visit list now because of these pics! Thank you for checking out my blog by the way, glad you liked it:-)

  12. Thank you so much, Martina! The Empire is truly a ‘must visit’ place!

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