(travel diary) DAY 6: Chinatown

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When we take a closer look to New York‘s city map, we can observe how different cultures and ethnies are spread in it, like a living melting pot: from ‘latinos’ to Indus, from Koreans to Africans, every neighborhood has a different sound, dresses a different color and… offers a different taste! A sensorial travel that only here – and without bags and ‘check-ins’ – we could experience!

For this reason, we save our day to explore the unique Manhattan’s Chinatown and, its cosy neighbor, Little Italy.

Entering Kim Lau Square is like stepping into another country… We mean: in another continent! When crossing its memorial arch – in honor to those who paid with their lives the fight for freedom and democracy – it feels like leaving NYC behind: different spaces and rhythms, different faces… And, suddenly, the english language is put aside, leading the main role the mandarin chinese in street signs, in announcements, in bright advertising, in street shops and stalls… Even McDonalds had an “Asian look”.

Walking down Mott Str. is mandatory: the street vendors selling exotic fruits, unknown vegetables (at least for us!), the veg groceries and fishmongers, restaurants offering unreadable menus – we still couldn’t identify what we’ve eaten (but it was… yummy… delicious!) – the temples and religious centers, the shiny jewelry windowshops, the people…wow!

Without almost noticing, we get to the historic Little Italy, absorbed by the surrounding Chinatown, but keeping its identity up high in street names and its famous italian restaurants… humm… isn’t dinner time yet?


Quando observamos atentamente o mapa da cidade de Nova York, podemos ver como as diferentes culturas e etnias estão espalhados nele: de ‘latinos’ a indianos, de coreanos a africanos, cada bairro tem um som diferente, ostenta uma diferente cor e… oferece diferente sabor! Uma viagem sensorial que só aqui – e sem fazer malas e ‘check-ins’ – poderíamos experimentar!

Por esta razão, guardamos o nosso dia para explorar a peculiar Chinatown de Manhattan e, a sua acolhedora vizinha, Little Italy.

Entrar na Praça Kim Lau é como entrar noutro país… Quer dizer: noutro continente! Ao cruzar o seu arco memorial – em homenagem aos que pagaram com suas vidas a luta pela liberdade e democracia – sente-se como deixando Nova York para trás: diferentes espaços, diferentes ritmos, rostos diferentes… e, de repente, o idioma Inglês é posto de lado, assumindo o papel principal o mandarim nas placas da rua, nos anúncios das paredes, nas brilhantes publicidades, nas lojas e bancas de rua… até mesmo  o McDonalds tinha uma “aparência asiática”.

Andar pela Mott Str. é um exercício obrigatório: os vendedores ambulantes, vendendo frutas exóticas e vegetais desconhecidos (pelo menos para nós!), as mercearias vegetarianas e as vistosas peixarias, restaurantes que oferecem menus ilegíveis – ainda não conseguimos decifrar o que comemos (mas foi… humm… delicioso!…) – os templos e centros religiosos, as brilhantes montras das joalharias, as pessoas… uau! 

Sem quase perceber, chegamos à histórica Little Italy, absorvida pela Chinatown circundante, mas mantendo a sua identidade bem alta ostentando-a nos nomes das ruas e nos famosos restaurantes italianos… humm… falta muito para a hora do jantar?


6 Responses to “(travel diary) DAY 6: Chinatown”

  1. It reminds me of Chinatown in San Francisco or some areas of Houston.

  2. Adorei a ideia de posts bilingues! 🙂

  3. Obrigada, Mayra!

  4. Hi guys, just spent a few days in NYC and loved both of those neighborhoods (because of the food, duh!) You signed up recently for Sunshine and Siestas. As you may have noticed, I haven’t updated my blog in several weeks as I’ve done a hostile takeover to change to a self-hosted blog. So, I’ve tried in vain to get all of my subscribers back to getting updates without having to resort to facebooking, emailing and commenting on their blogs. Wanna re-add me and keep hearing about Sunshine and Siestas? Thanks, and safe travels!

  5. Darn I am really hungry now and need to wait until tomorrow until I am anywhere near this ….really good description of the area and beautiful pics

  6. Hahaha, thanks Iorne!

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