(travel diary) New York… by night!

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…the city that never sleeps…

                                                    …the city of blinding lights…

                                                                                                           …or, simply, NEW YORK!


21 Responses to “(travel diary) New York… by night!”

  1. amazing photoes

  2. You have captured New York so well! Great pictures, really great presentation, too!

  3. Thank you, ckn!

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Michael!

  5. Gorgeous pics!!

  6. Thank you, Khelia!

  7. Bravo! You told so many sides of New York City with your photos.

  8. …so good you like it! Thanks!

  9. I have just nominated your blog for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Please go to my blog for the rules.

  10. Thank you sooooo much, CAV!

  11. Awesome photos; love the one of the taxi!

  12. Thanks for liking my post. I love to travel through pictures. Thanks!

  13. Thanks for your visit, Kerry!

  14. Thanks to you for visiting ‘our place’! Welcome!

  15. Awesome pictures!! I love your blog.

  16. Great photos!

  17. Thanks, Bernie! Thanks, lyrebrown! We appreciate your visit!

  18. Lovely photos, which brought back such great memories for me. Thank you!

  19. Thank you so much, Sicilian Housewife! Reading your blog we had the same feeling… great days in Sicilia!

  20. boy, you really captured NYC here! I feel like I am there! awesome!

  21. Wow, thanks!

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