(between travel!) When the travel REALLY begins?

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…even being difficult to admit… The truth is that we’ve always envy (in a healthy way, please) of those people who are always traveling… Oh, such an idyllic life!… There are so many things to see… So many places to go… So much to discover… That we would do it everyday!

…but, actually, we DO travel every and each day! YES, we do!… And I love so much how it sounds that I will say it again: we travel every day!

We travel, not only in the strict sense of the word – intended to be understood as the simple act of moving from one place to another – but, in a wider perspective: the complete journey, the inspiration taken from a movie, a book, a conversation… We, constantly, move in time and space, creating images and dreaming about a new trip, the next adventure… And that is also traveling (although, without moving!).

Now, although we’re still in our blogging headquarters (AKA home sweet home!) we feel like the travel had already begun: reading about places and curiosities, searching photographs and documentaries, consulting maps and itineraries, booking flights and hotels, packing (mentally) our small bags… And, starting, the sweetest countdown to the airport…. Destination: the Mediterranean isles of Malta and Sicilia!

...welcome to the Mediterraneo


…apesar de ser difícil de admitir, a verdade é que sempre temos inveja (de forma saudável, por favor) daquelas pessoas que estão sempre a viajar… Ah, que vida idílica!… Há tantas coisas para ver… Tantos lugares para ir… Tanta coisa por descobrir… Que, se pudéssemos, o faríamos todos os dias!

… mas, a verdade, é que, mesmo assim, viajamos em todo e cada dia! Sim, é mesmo!… E gosto tanto como soa que vou tomar a liberdade de dizê-lo novamente: viajamos TODOS os dias!

Viajamos, não apenas no sentido estrito da palavra – que entende-se como o simples acto de deslocação de um lugar para outro – mas, numa perspectiva muito mais ampla: toda a trajectória, desde que surge a inspiração através de um filme, um livro, uma conversa… Viajamos constantemente, no tempo e no espaço, criando imagens, sonhando com novos locais, próximas aventuras… E, isso, é também viajar.

Agora, embora ainda estejamos no nosso escritório principal (i.e. “lar doce lar!”), não conseguimos evitar o sentimento de já ter iniciado a viagem: o facto de ler sobre lugares e curiosidades, pesquisar fotografias e documentários, consultar mapas e itinerários, reserva voos e hotéis, fazer (mentalmente) as nossas pequenas malas de viajem… E, começar, uma entusiasta contagem decrescente para o aeroporto… Destino: as mediterrâneas ilhas de Malta e Sicília!


12 Responses to “(between travel!) When the travel REALLY begins?”

  1. Please take a pic of the Villa Politi if you can! I love your blog.

  2. I totally get it! I am always mentally somewhere else also- my bags are packed. It is rare that I don’t have a dream each night where I am not on an adventure somewhere (usually Italy).
    Most of the blogs I follow are about traveling, so that I can live my dreams through others while I am also at my home base- AKA home.
    How do some people NOT like to travel???

  3. Thank you, CP, your comments are always welcome! We’ll try to visit Villa Politi 🙂

  4. Oh, bellasabroad, we’re just like you: our bags are always ready to go! Travel is… the spice of life… it’s not only about a few stamps in the passport or a bunch of photos in our album… is a vivid lesson about people, about language and religion, about geography and politics, about the world… about ourselves… Oh… How can we not LOVE to travel?!

  5. Lovely blog, great image layout… thanks for stopping by mine and giving it a like 🙂

  6. Anticipation is sweet.

  7. Thank you soooo much, Natalie, for passing by!

  8. About 15 years ago I started traveling around the US doing computer installations at motels. i had no home and was literally a nomad in the US. and i LOVED it!!! i didn’t travel every day, but i did travel about every eighth day. and, again, i LOVED it!!

  9. Wow, Barbara, that must have been a GREAT experience!

  10. Your first paragraph describes me – I can’t wait to go somewhere again… Your second paragraph is so true – we are traveling every day. Thanks for reminding me.

  11. Thanks to you, Rosie, for your nice words!

  12. Thanks for stoping by my blog.

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